16 Christmas Centerpieces That’ll Fill You With Spirit

Color coordinating during Christmas can be surprisingly difficult, especially on a budget. In spite of there only being a handful of colors that are associated with Christmas, there are so many different shades that can trip you up if you aren’t careful. By DIYing your own centerpieces, however, you will find that you are able to match things a bit better and more importantly save some extra cash.


If you’re going for a simple and clean look this Christmas, try using some bright and bold colors to make a statement.


While this DIY looks really premium, it’s actually quite cheap to achieve! After all, you only need less than a handful of materials.


What’s better than a decoration piece that you can actually feed to your guests?


If you’d like some flowers in your decor piece, try some fake ones as they’re easier to care for during the winter time. This way, you won’t have to replace them every couple of days.


If you’ve already received some flowers from someone (lucky you!) then try wrapping them in candy canes. It makes for a classy piece.


Frosted decor has always been a look I’ve adored during the holidays.


Mason jars are so easy to stumble upon in your own home that you may not even need to buy any. Just fill it up with some gorgeous white and red plants and you’re good to go.

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