20 Hot Moves For Sexy Thighs

While there are fabulous swimsuits for every body type, it can often be easier to hide your tummy troubles rather than your thunder thighs. What’s the solution? Get rid of those thunder thighs!

Easier said than done, we know, but with these 20 exercises for outer and inner thighs, you can rock the neighborhood pool this summer with confidence and leave the other moms begging to know what your secret is!

1. Intensified Lunges: Foam rollers are a great piece of equipment to intensify your workout, which is why we love them for this lunge! To see how to use your foam roller in this move, click here!

2. Spiderwoman Pushups: We love pushups because of how great they are for our back, shoulders and arm muscles, but with this variation, you’ll also love them for the great thigh workout! To learn how to perform this move, click here.

3. Single Leg Plank: When doing this move, keep your raised leg very controlled. This will help to challenge that thigh muscle. To see how to complete this single leg plank, click here.

4. Leg-Kick Pushups: Here’s another pushup variation we love! Instead of bringing your knee up like you did in the Spiderwoman Pushup, you’ll do a leg kick that really engages your thighs. Click here for more details.

5. Side Star Plank: While we promised moves that would tone your thighs, this move does WAY more than that. In fact, this plank variation is a total body toner! Click here to see how it’s done.

6. Side Plank Super Crunch: Like the side star plank, this is another total body move. The knee press in this move really forces you to concentrate on your thigh muscles, making it perfect for your bikini bod. For more info, click here.

7. Donkey Kick Planks: By lifting your leg up behind you in this plank, you will not only be toning your inner thighs, but really working those glutes too! To see how, click here.

8. Booty Lift Plank: Don’t let the name fool you. Sure, you’re getting a great booty lift in this move, but your thighs will also reap the benefits! Click here for instructions or watch the video below.

9. Reptile Plank: This plank is not only a great cardio move because of the fast pace of your leg raises, it’s also a great thigh slimmer and booty toner. Click here for more details on the move.

10. Standing Fire Hydrant with Squishy Ball: Having to hold the ball with your leg while keeping it raised makes this a great move if you really want to feel the burn! To see how it’s done, watch the video below, then click here.

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