25 Festive Christmas Nail Designs to Wear to a Holiday Party

One of the best parts of the holiday season is adding a festive touch to everything. Your house, your desk, your wardrobe, and even your nails can show off how ready you are for Christmas!

With these 25 fun Christmas nail design ideas, everyone will expect you to break out in Christmas carols. If you are attending a fancy holiday party, try one of the many luxurious glitter design ideas for a classy look. Many of these designs feature stick-on rhinestones to add an easy touch of sparkle and texture.

Feeling a more fun-loving vibe? Our cute Christmas nail designs featuring snowmen, reindeer, and gingerbread men are the perfect pick for you. For those who aren’t into sparkle, check out the pretty matte polish ideas on this list. Not feeling the whole red and green Christmas vibe? Try one of the designs in blue, silver, gold, or grey for a design you can keep all winter long. The design ideas on this list range from super simple polish to complex nail art, so there is something for every taste and skill level. Keep reading for more information on how to create all 25 amazing Christmas nail designs!

1) Swirly Christmas Trees With Stars

2) Silver Sparkles And Grey Rhinestones

3) Snowy Glitter With Olaf Accent

4) Holiday Red With Rudolph Accent

5) Holiday Red With Rudolph Accent

6) Matte Maroon, Grey, And Reindeer

7) Polka Dots With Christmas Tree Accent

8) Holiday Glitter Reverse French Manicure

9) Shimmery Red With Festive Glitter

10) Glitter, Snowflakes, Rhinestones,

and Stripes

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