5 Easy DIY Hair Mask Recipes

Hair need a little TLC? I have five recipes for DIY hair masks to share today! I’ve tried each of these masks myself and they worked really well to deep condition my hair. The best part is how cheap they are to make. On top of that, they use ingredients you might already have in your kitchen!

5 DIY Hair Masks

1. Olive oil  + Honey

4 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp honey

Length: 20 min.

This one gave me super shiny and sleek hair. The mixture is very sticky and messy and it’s hard to spread. It smells really good though and the recipe was enough to cover my long, long hair.

2. Avocado + Coconut oil + Honey

1 tbsp avocado (mashed)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp honey

Length: 20 min.

I had to double this recipe for my long hair and I actually could’ve used a little more than that. My hair came out soft, smooth, and shiny.  This mask started dripping on me just after 10 min. I had to keep a towel around my shoulders and neck to catch the drips. I also had to rinse it out a couple of times because of the chunks.  Still a great mask!

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