Whether you’re looking to speed up for your next 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon, if you’re struggling to smash your PB, follow our 6 simple tricks and start running faster than ever.

1. Key speed sessions

If you’re aiming to up your pace, start with a key speed session. Having a favourite speed or hard hill training session that you repeat every three to four weeks is a great motivator. You can use the session as a benchmark for your own progress. For example after six weeks or so, seeing if you run faster in intervals, or if your heart rate is lower on the hills.

2. Train less, run faster

Will resting more mean you can train harder and more effectively? This is a theory tested out by many in our increasingly busy, time-precious world. However, if you are training for a marathon, you will need to cross train to really boost your aerobic system and run faster.

3. Run slow to run fast

Building an aerobic base (base training) at a slow pace will help you run faster, but it’s something you need to be patient about. Most runners are too scared to run slow and worry about junk mileage – but high mileage does result in more ‘structural adaptations’ i.e. an increase in stroke volume of the heart, and a boost to the number of mitochondria, the cellular ‘power plants’ in our body.

Run good mileage, run slow and you will build a solid base of endurance. Running at a higher intensity will give you returns, but they are shorter term.

So plan your training to build that base in the first part of your schedule, and ‘sharpen’ up with race pace and speed work as your race draws near.

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