I don’t know about you, but I have been SERIOUSLY slacking with my exercise routine lately.

It started when we were in the trenches of cold and flu season, and has been spiralling out of control ever since, and when I accidentally caught a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror while on a date with my husband on Saturday night (during which I enjoyed a little too much bubbly and the most decadent brownie I’ve ever eaten in my entire life), I had the shock of my life.

What the heck happened to me??!

The thing is, I’ve never been an overly big girl, but when I slack off my exercise routine for more than a couple of weeks, I immediately start seeing dimples in places I really shouldn’t be seeing dimples.

And then I started to feel depressed.

And the more depressed I feel, the more I eat.

And the more I eat, the more dimples I get.

You see how this becomes a vicious circle, right?

But with summer on its way and a closet full of cute maxi dresses and capri pants I can no longer squeeze into, I’m on a mission to get my body back and I’ve put together a list of 8 tricks to help you AND me get back into a regular exercise routine so we can look amazing in time for swimsuit season.

1. Stop wearing comfortable clothes around the house

I love nothing more than lounging around in a pair of stretchy, bum-hugging yoga pants every single day, but I always find that I’m less likely to gorge on my beloved Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal if I’m wearing a pair of skinny jeans…especially when I’m also wearing a slightly-too-tight-for-me sweater that draws attention to my growing muffin top.

2. Tape a picture of yourself to your fridge and cupboards

There’s nothing more powerful than having a picture of a hotter, trimmer version of yourself staring at you every time you reach for the Twinkies. Don’t have a drool-worthy photo of yourself? No problem. Buy a health magazine, find someone else who has the body of your dreams, cut her photo out, replace her face with yours, and you now have one of the biggest weight loss motivators in the entire world at your fingertips!

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