Eat Right Things To Lose Your Weight Without Any Workouts

One of the topmost questions asked by people on the internet is “How can one lose weight without exercising

The direct answer to this question is “It is Eating Right that helps you lose weight… without worrying about exercising.” Let’s just lock this statement first so that there is no confusion here.

In this post, besides giving you the basics of eating right, I will also talk about many other benefits that you get when you start eating right, which goes beyond weight loss. But before that, I want to make sure you know why exercising is considered important and why weight loss experts lay so much emphasis on exercise.

So as I mentioned, exercising is important… important because it helps you in building the muscles and keeping the body toned. It also ensures that while you are losing fat weight, you don’t end up losing muscle weight along with it. 

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So while exercising is important, I would again say that if your aim is to lose weight, your focus should be more on “Eating Right”.


Eating Right is all about eating the right food in the right amount at the right time. The basics of eating right involve making healthy adjustments in your eating habits, which you can start by doing the following:

  • Avoid tea/ coffee as your first intake in the morning. Start with eating some real food, which can be followed by having your morning tea/ coffee. By doing this you are also taking care of the drop in your blood sugar levels that happen during the night.
  • Be regular in eating your breakfast and have it within an hour of waking up.
  • Eat every two hours and eat in portions. This keeps your body in the fat burning mode, even without exercising. Regular eating also results in decreasing your meal sizes.
  • Avoid Distractive Eating, which means that you should not eat when you are distracted, as you tend to eat more when you are not observing your food. Moreover, you don’t even enjoy your food when your mind is elsewhere. Read my article on Binge Eating to learn more about distracted eating.
  • Stop eating at least 2 hours before going to sleep, as your body needs rest to rejuvenate itself and give you energy for the next day.

Learning to Eat Right is a process by itself and if you want to really master it, you should take my FREE Course, which you get access to when you subscribe to my blog.

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