Home Remedies to Treat Chicken Pox Scars

Chicken pox affects people of any age and background. Most of us suffer from chicken pox in our childhood.
Not only does this disease makes us very weak from within, but also leaves its long term impression as scars and marks. Following are the tips on how to get rid of chickenpox scars.
First and foremost make sure that do not over expose your skin to the sun for long. This tends to make your skin further dark.
Oatmeal has a wonderful exfoliating property. It is an incredible moisturizer and helps to reduce the scars too. This can be applied to the affected area and massaged gently for 2-3 minutes.
This helps to rub off the dead skin cells. Oatmeal mask can do magic too. To prepare the mask, soak half a cup of raw oats in 1 cup of hot water. Wait for it to cool down and apply it to the skin. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash off with cold water followed by a good quality moisturizer.
Baking Soda has multi tasking property. Chemically it is alkaline in nature and a very strong and effective scrubbing agent that polishes the skin and reduces discoloration rapidly. The baking soda scrub can be prepared by mixing 2 tablespoons of baking soda powder with a dash of cold water, to create a soft paste. Massage this paste gently onto the scars for couple of minutes and wash with water, pat dry.
Garlic is an extremely effective agent to treat chicken pox scars. Peel off fresh garlic cut it into half. Rub the pieces everyday on the scars and see how fast it works. Herbal oils like Lavender, Sandalwood, Camellia and Coconut oil are very good in treating any kind of scars. Take a clean cotton ball and apply any of these oils to it. Rub it on the scar daily, it helps to lighten them.
Effectiveness of Vitamin E oil for scar lightening is incomparable. Application of Vitamin E oil daily to our skin not only helps the skin to heal up but also nourishes it. For best results apply Vitamin E oil to the skin till the scars fade out.
Lemon is a very good natural Bleaching agent. Massage fresh lemon slices on the scars. This will not only lighten the scar, but will give a natural glow to the skin. Avoid going out in sun for an Hour after this treatment. Another natural agent Gulbaaz plant seeds are very effective in removing scars. Apply the paste once daily until and continue applying unless all the marks and scars are gone.
To get rid of the scars in addition to the external agents we need to develop specific food habits too. High intake of Vitamin K rich foods like Spinach, Green Turnips, Broccoli, Green Cabbage, lean Meats, Liver and Dairy products is encouraged. Vitamin K helps to heal and protect the skin faster, and also enhances and makes faster scar fading process.
One must make sure that there are enough water intakes daily. Drink as much water you can, at least 8-10 glasses per day. Water helps to enhance the blood circulation process and natural production of collagen too. This helps to keep the skin firm, tight and even. The more the skin is even, more the scars become less visible.

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