Mini Yarn Hats Ornaments – DIY Christmas Ornaments

If you are looking for the cutest DIY Christmas ornament ever you just have to give these mini yarn hats ornaments a go. Super easy to make and they look amazing!

Once you get started with these you just won’t be able to stop. Not to mention they look fancy as doll hats too!

We’ve been meaning to make these for years and this year we finally did.

We love making our own Christmas ornaments, each year adding more and more unique designs (such a fun tradition to have).

Mini Yarn Hats Ornaments

What you need:

  • paper rolls (toilet paper roll, kitchen paper towel rolls,…)
  • yarn in many colors – we recommend yarn that isn’t too expensive – we love this pack of assorted colors (think it’s a good value and you get a nice variety of colors) or this color changing yarn set.  If you want something magical though do check this color (not the frugal one but oh my!)
  • scissors
  • tissue paper

  • Start by cutting yarn into threads.

    You’ll need plenty of threads, all with equal lenght, the length depends on the width of your paper roll – so you’ll have to find the perfect lenght for yourself.

    You can start with cutting 1 thread and trying it out.

    Cut the paper roll, you only need a thin “ring”.

    “Fold” the yarn thread in half and push the “loop” side through the paper roll.

    Now take the other end and  “fold” it over the paper roll and into the loop. Pull to get a knot.

    Rinse and repeat until you have all the paper roll covered with yarn.

    Once all is covered you will need to push the yarn through the paper roll.

    I found the easiest way to do that is to “twist” all threads and just push them through.

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