Miracle Diets For Rapid Weight Loss

These diets can disturb the metabolism and in the worst cases cause cardiovascular diseases.

A high percentage of the population, especially women, have apealled to sometimes called miracle diets.

These are characterized by offering (without scientific basis) a rapid weight loss, supposedly effective

and in most cases, effortless. However, they are easily recognizable:
– They are not supervised by a medical professional.
– They are addressed to any individual without regard to previous pathologies, personal characteristics or habits of life.
– They are exclusive: they are based on the abuse of certain types of food excluding others, or if they do not, it is because they sell you some kind of “miracle product” that allows you to continue eating.
– Promise fast weight loss.
– They provide less energy than is needed with important nutritional deficiencies.

– They do not teach to acquire healthy habits of life that can be maintained in the time.

According to¬†author of the patented weight loss treatment as the definitive diet,¬†“Any weight loss treatment should be supervised by a medical professional who values the patient’s health status at Beginning of the same and to see so that there is no previous type of pathology that can be aggravated by the treatment of weight loss “.
There are different types of miracle diets, however none of them effective in the long term given that rapid weight loss is given by reducing fluids, electrolytes, glycogen stores and body proteins but not fat. This causes that once the treatment is finished, the lost pounds are regained and even some more.
The negative consequences of miracle diets can be of different nature and degree.

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