Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

Your skin likes to follow the same growth patterns as that on top of that. If the stretch marks are allowed to stay for too long, your skin will just continue to repeat them. Even though you have new skin in a couple months, the marks will still be there because your skin thinks they are supposed to be
Around 80% of women end up with these scars after giving birth. Even though these scars are perfectly harmless and will not cause you any physical difficulty, women become so embarrassed and try to cover up and hide their existence. If you do nothing about preventing they scars chances are high that you will get them.
When looking for new acne scar and stretch mark treatments it is important to remember to look for an effective skin treatment that can be applied quickly without having to worry about it interacting badly with other any other medication you may be taking.
If ointments are not working for you, you will prefer to meet with a physician about micro-dermabrasion. Stretch marks are softened and visibly faded as the epidermis layer of the skin is sloughed off. An alternative option is laser stretch mark surgery.
Stretch marks, also known as Striae, are scars that occur when the layer of skin known as the dermis is torn. This can be caused by rapid weight gain or growth spurts (as may often happen in puberty), as well as pregnancy or bodybuilding.
The skin’s cells and tissues can regenerate when an injury occurs. If they do not regenerate, then severe scarring occurs. The body’s overall health and nutritional status must be good in order for regeneration to occur.
The disruption of these scar tissues will help the skin regrow normally and thus eliminate scar damage. After laser stretch mark removal the skin will be softer and will have the same color as the surrounding skin areas. Lasers will help eliminate uneven colors caused by scar tissue under the skin.
GAGs are intricate polysaccharides (sugar chains) that collaborate in the regulation of physiological processes through their connections with proteoglycans and with a wide selection of proteins.
All of the cells of the body need protein in order to regenerate. A lack of protein in the diet could be one of the factors that causes scars, stretch marks or wrinkles that are deep or more severe.
It actively promotes collagen production and is a natural moisturizer reducing fibrous tears as skin is stretched during pregnancy or from weight gain. It has been shown to substantially reduce scarring and to accelerate recovery from damaged and torn skin.

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