If you want to get rid of arm flab and get toned and tight arms without bulking up, these arm workouts for women are what you need. Well if you’re a woman…but even if you’re a man you can do these. Just start, mkay? You only need 10 minutes (or 4), a mat & some hand weights.

Now if there’s one thing that I never cared about exercising, EVER, it was my arms. I was obsessed with abs (and where did that get me? nowhere), legs, butt, even my chubby face.

But arms?

I carry my grocery bags & my books, that’s enough.

Add to this that I was afraid I’d look like a man if I lift 2 lbs dumbbells. Each side.

Arms were a forgotten part in my exercise plan.

Now things have changed.

I’m not in my 20-ies anymore and don’t just burn calories and build muscle simply because I’m breathing. A year ago I came to realize I have flabby arms. And not only that. Last year I even realized I had cellulite on my arms when I was trying on a top in a store. Yes, cellulite (let’s get the pity party started right now).

Man, I hate that dressing room lighting with all my heart and I hope it just dies. Thomas Edison, someone is abusing your invention and I don’t like it.


So the one thing I’m obsessed with now is toning and tightening my arms.

My goal is to be able to wear a cute top and wave at the same time without bursting into embarrassed tears.

 But also to be able to carry heavy things without being sore the next day.

The other goal, that’s actually most important to me is to improve my posture. With most arm workouts you also train your upper body and strengthen your neck and shoulder muscles. Which, if you’re sitting all day long, are probably very weak and might be causing you some pain. Well, mine are and therefore I have bad posture and neck and shoulder pain. So even if that’s your complaint – arm workouts will help.

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