To Have a Sexy Sleek Arms Fast Try This 3 Effective Moves

I love to wear sleeveless dresses but I have embarrassingly flabby arms. I just bought the most adorable tube dress and I am too self-conscious to wear it yet. 

I like the idea that you were actually overweight yourself and you have been able to tone and firm your arms.

I feel more comfortable trusting your suggestions.

What are your favorite exercises to tone and sculpt my arms so that I won’t feel like I have chicken wings when I wear it?
- Alena

How hilarious…”chicken wings”. I suppose that you mean that the skin and flabby muscles on the backside of your arms are loose and flop when you move your arm. UUGGGHHH!! I can totally understand what you mean.

I love training my arms. Whenever I am having a fat day, I like to put on some comfortable tights and then immediately do some arm toning exercises. It makes me feel sleek and firm. 

I have found that I and my clients have to use a good moisturizing body toning lotion when training to help restructure the skin as we lose weight. You don’t want to lose weight only to be left with stretch marks or loose skin.

Check out my  Superior Skin Rejuvenation Formula. Right Now the weather is so unpredictable and to have a formula especially designed for hands,feet and elbows is awesome. I was in New York and it was freezing, this formula saved my hands and feet from looking like i had creepy elephant skin. There’s something that makes you feel confident when your hands and our feet and ankles are soft, smooth and feels like silk. Men love that too!

and My Skin Tightener is the best. I love it.  It has saved me hundreds of dollars worth of Laser Treatments and my skin glows and is so firm, it passes the  “Snap Back” test with flying colors, you know it snaps back when you pull it! That is the ultimate skin test.

I train them with different exercises so that the entire arm is being trained so that they will become sculpted faster.

I keep the exercises close together and I use short rest periods, about 30 seconds between sets.

When I am preparing for a photo shoot, I supersets my exercises–performs two exercises back to back without resting in between. 
I wrote out the program for you so you can do it too.

It’s a great way to get through your workout more quickly and burn more calories in the process. You can pair bicep exercises with a triceps exercise.

 Most weight training programs in muscle magazines in the past were designed by men for men who were interested in  building bulky muscles, I have personally experienced that myself.

Too Big For My Shirts

I had an awesome male bodybuilding trainer when I first got into bodybuilding and I built thick muscle that took me a long time to break down and reduce in size. That just happens to be my body type, not all women experience that. My arms were so big, they hardly fit in my performance costumes. lol!

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