Eating out is generally avoided by health conscious men and women because at one hand they prefer a balanced diet to achieve a perfect state of health and on the other hand they don’t want to become fat. But, if someone wants to lose weight, how juicing can help him in this regard?

Most juices are missing fiber and protein and both of which are essential in losing pounds. The weight you lose will depend on what you juice and for how long you juice. If you juice for a couple of days you may not lose weight. Some people juice for a period of over or about two months. But, what are you juicing is also a vital factor in this regard. Using raw vegetables for juicing instead of fruits will be more effective in losing the weight. Fruit juices are better in taste but they contain extra sugar which can slow down the process of losing weight. The other reasonable option is to use fruit juices in morning breakfast and use vegetable juices in rest of your meals.

How juicing helps in losing weight?

Juicing provides you a mixture of essential nutrients which in other case will come by eating a diversified food items. Imagine if you eat a couple of apples, a large carrot, two stalks of celery and a lemon. Your stomach will be filled with food and extra energy will be required for digestion and on the other hand if you prepare a mixture of all these ingredients and drink a glass of juice. Isn’t it easier

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