Workouts For Side Fat : 7 Moves that Burns your Side Fat Quickly

Struggling to banish side fat?

Tried hundreds of situps with no success?

Unfortunately…side fat is often the last to go.

Even worse:

Most people are destroying their chances by performing ineffective exercises. 

Maybe it’s time to shake up your workouts?

These proven side fat exercises will melt side fat.

Often referred to as “love handles,” side fat is not only unsightly, but it can be dangerous for your health.

Want to banish them for good?

The KEY is to combine side fat exercises that target your obliques, with fat-torching exercise that boosts metabolism.


The exciting news?

You don’t need a high-end gym, hours of effort or tons of equipment to burn side fat.

Get rid of those love handles with these side fat exercises – carve your core fast!

1. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may take you back to grade school recess, but it’s a great waist slimming exercise.

How does it target side fat?


It gives your metabolic rate a huge boost.

Jumping rope is one of those little-known exercises that burns more fat than running…

…around 10 calories a minute!


You have to keep your core tight.

This gives you twice the results!

What’s more, skipping also strengthens your legs, butt, shoulders and arms.

Boost your results even further by adding some complex moves:

Try twisting your waist to the right and left while jumping to really target side fat.

 You can even turn your jumping rope into a fun High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine that will torch calories.

HIIT workouts offer a great after burn effect that keeps the fat burning going long after you finish exercising.

2. Side Plank

You’re probably familiar with the plank.

But to get rid of side fat, you’ll want to add the side plank to your routine.

It engages the core’s lateral muscles, including the external and internal obliques.

Here’s what you do:

Get into a plank position and then roll onto your right forearm and the side of one foot so you’re on your side.

The goal?

To hold it as long as possible!

Keep pushing your time to build these muscles.

Alternate sides to make sure you’re working both sides equally.

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